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Woman Born With No Vagina Hopes To Have Children

Girl without a vagina. Northern Ireland woman born without vagina or cervix speaks out.

Girl without a vagina

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    Reaching 17 without her periods arriving, she initially thought she may just be a 'late starter' - but after sharing her fears with her mother Debbie, 52, she decided to go to the GP for some advice.


    Anyway, you know, that got boring real fast, just looking in the mirror, so I kind of walked back to my room and I looked around to see if I walked like a girl does and I did, sort of. But after I got it going I had another problem.


    As her ovaries still function normally, Ms Knight, who lives with mother Debbie, dad Benny, 56, and siblings Thomas Knight, 23 and Matthew Knight, 15, is able to have children that are biologically hers. So, like, it fit a Magic Marker, and it also stretched big enough to hold a Polaris submarine model.


    It hurt my feelings real bad, and I almost wanted to cry. What does feel good is just old-fashioned rubbing down there.


    I was pretty crabby myself about having to go through all that, and I felt real sorry for all the girls and I also felt pissed off at the female period supply companies for making their products too big and too hard to put in and not slippery enough. In a guy they are back near your rear end.


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    I was a sex shiver, but I think it was also a go-to-the-bathroom shiver because I had to whizz like crazy!


    Women suffering from the condition will have normally functioning ovaries, so will experience the normal signs of puberty — but will not have periods or be able to conceive.


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