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This would be an involved bit of construction to pull off, so I did the next best thing. Better check for door-leaks first! Another classic u-oven experiment is to cook a standard incandescent bulb briefly on "high". A W bulb will light up with more than normal brightness. Miscellaneous Light Bulb in the Microwave My 8" fluorescent tube isn't the only light producer. If you block up the fan, the microwave generator will have a meltdown! Mix it with dry bread crumbs or other material that's full of air? The strength of the e-field inside the oven chamber can be described as "high voltage. I tore aluminum foil into 2" squares, crumpled it lightly so it didn't lay flat, then placed it on the oven turntable with the two foil pieces adjacent to each other and in gentle contact. Finally someone on another forum discovered the secret: So a large number of people tried this

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    If your oven has a rotating turntable, it usually lacks a stirrer.


    The boiling water will burst into froth. Boiling your coffee twice can erase the bubble "nucleation centers.


    Heating up water or coffee in a microwave oven can be dangerous, especially if you use a ceramic mug or clean glassware.


    The water explodes in roiling foam, spraying boiling water all over your bare skin, and sending you to the emergency ward.


    The gas would glow in proportion to the RF electric field in various parts of the oven's volume.


    Ah, since a microwave oven is a high voltage environment, what will happen? The superheated water acts almost like warm carbonated cola:


    Very acrid if sniffed, so probably various oxides of nitrogen. There's no plastic parts here, only big natural boobs!


    So a large number of people tried this It's similar to Plasma Globe devices such as "eye of the storm", but watts worth, which heats the glass red hot, and may melt the tips of the steel filament supports, or soften the glass so it is crushed by external air pressure!