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Jack Welch's Top 10 Rules For Success (@jack_welch)

Jack welch 5 leadership traits. 5 Leadership Traits for High Performance.

Jack welch 5 leadership traits

Your job is to be part coach and part cheerleader. Nothing could be further from the truth. Recruiting people with these traits enables companies to build for the future, and to capitalize on the presence. Share on Facebook Times have changed. Energizers know how to get people excited about a cause or a crusade. They have to succeed. Positive Energy Leaders neither exhibit a lack of energy nor negative energy; they have an inbuilt positive energy. Now is the time to embrace new traits, ones that will enable you to foster deeper relationships with your employees, consumers, and stakeholders throughout your value chain. The Ability to Energize Others Positive energy is infectious. They learn, they consider, they decide and they implement. These companies—and their string of leaders—must have a secret formula for achieving prosperity in perpetuity.

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    First of all, innovation requires continuous investment.


    It's about your team and its welfare. To get bigger and better solutions, Welch says leaders probe proposals and presentations by asking questions and stirring up a healthy debate.


    That is not always an easy position to be in. As a result, companies are no longer able to control their corporate destinies.


    Your job is to be part coach and part cheerleader.


    Decisions without follow-though are not decisions, they are just conversation.


    An equally powerful trait of the collaborative leader is nurturing constructive discontent.


    As John Replogle, CEO of consumer goods company Seventh Generation explained, The difference [between CEOs operating with twentieth- versus twenty-first-century mind-sets] starts with how we view our position.


    Leaders make sure people not only see the vision, but they also live and breathe it.