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Love & Career Prospects for Libra

Libra best sign. Libra: About This Zodiac Sign.

Libra best sign

Harmony and peace are key to making this sign happy. Some of you will have a natural way of dressing that compliments your proportion and tone. Others will have a strong sense of coordination, and will be very good at making things work together to bring their best features out. Librans Can Be Very Indecisive The indecisiveness of Librans has tem sitting straddle a fence and waiting or from another point of view swinging wildly from one point of view to another. These people are cooperative and make great team mates and co-workers. This zodiacal constellation is associated with balance - balance of both Nature and of Justice. Strengths and Weaknesses Those born under this sign always have the right thing to say and know how to make others feel comfortable. They must avoid over-doing, nervousness and becoming irritable which inevitably leads to more serious medical conditions. Libras feel most complete when they are coupled up with their lover, forever. They may tend to be flirtatious and tend to be discouraged easily.

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    They are prone to engage in frivolity but are also very devoted.


    Stars named in Libra: In Greek mythology the Goddess Athene who puzzled her fellow gods by holding a court of justice among people.


    Air sign; ruled by Venus. But they can also control this side of their personality should they wish to.


    God is sitting here, looking into my very soul to see if I think right thoughts.


    Libras like to put their mind to good use, and enjoy communicating their thoughts to others.