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Tailgating Games 10-1-11

Tailgating games for adults. Games for Adults.

Tailgating games for adults

Printable games make any party more special, and more memorable. The determined poker champion should win a jar for his winnings of candy or some other prize Simply put, blindfolding guests and having them identify what they are drinking, holding or smelling can be a very interesting and exciting time. Besides, a picnic is supposed to be a relaxing event, not something that takes a few days to recuperate from! If another player thinks he's caught the assassin winking, they must declare the one they suspect! They're sure to make your picnic that much more special! Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: Old fashioned blind-folded guessing games are making a come back amongst party goers and picnickers alike. Silently, each player must choose a celebrity to give an impression of in under 15 seconds. Some camping resorts have gorgeous back country to picnic on and usually don't allow young children in these areas so you're almost certain to have peace and quiet. Why choose printable party games?

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    Then, on your mark have everyone quickly look at their card


    A stop watch is required for this game but it's worth the trinket. Then, on your mark have everyone quickly look at their card


    A complete suite of tools and technology that help Assigners, Coordinators, Athletic Directors and Game Officials easily manage all aspects of their responsibilities.


    Whether your opponent has to drink when he loses a piece or you do, this great game can pass the time and make way for boisterous fun.