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Things Only Real Truckers Will Find Funny 🚚

Things to ponder funny. Ten Things To Do When You’re Feeling Hopeless.

Things to ponder funny

The great teacher inspires - William A. The head of any dead whale found on the British coast automatically becomes the property of the King, and the tail of the Queen. In France, it is forbidden to call a pig Napoleon. If people from Poland are called 'Poles', why aren't people from Holland called 'Holes? As far as I could tell, the grapes were minding their own business. But you water, fatal to wine, away with you: There was no Internet or message boards or FAQ's. After all, it is hopeless. Never return to a doctor whose office plants have died. I am full of rage, sorrow, joy, love, hate, despair, happiness, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and a thousand other feelings. The ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. They have much to teach us about the First Principles of living, hopelessly:

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    By that I mean that, until their parents, peers and the education system brainwash them to start planning and hoping for their future, and living inside their heads, they live in the present, without hope. You'd take the cartridge out, blow in it, and that would magically fix the problem.


    In San Salvador, drunk drivers can be punished by death before a firing squad.


    Finally he decided it was probably impossible and the animal was old and the well was dry anyway, so it just wasn't worth it to try and retrieve the donkey.


    Including the feelings of hopelessness.


    In wine there is truth, in water there is health.


    Give yourself a break.


    Please send us your funny thoughts to ponder.


    What is a whack, anyway? He dreamt he was walking along the beach with the Lord.


    There are gazillions of them out there, clogging the aisles of bookstores everywhere. The play of life will go on.


    The play of life will go on.