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Video about why sleeping naked is good for you:

6 Weirdest Things That Happen to Us During Sleep

Why sleeping naked is good for you. 7 Scientific Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Is Really Good For You.

Why sleeping naked is good for you

Staying up late has been linked to poor fertility in women. Not wearing underwear at night does not make the vagina prone to infections. More importantly, sleeping naked with the person you can be intimate with is physiologically healthy too. Experts believe that certain activities could switch on this fat, potentially helping to burn calories at a greater rate. Cooling down will lower your blood pressure, which in turn helps your body activate its "rest and digest system" ā€” otherwise known as the parasympathetic nervous system. Josh Bridge, 23, is adamantly in favor of wearing boxer briefs ā€” and nothing else. Michael Symonds, professor of developmental physiology at the University of Nottingham and an expert on brown fat, says sleeping naked may be beneficial. But what if she made you wait? It's important to let your body cool during sleep ā€” so go ahead and strip down. Donnica Moore told the Huffington Post.

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    Sleeping naked is obviously more conducive to cooling down than, say, a thick flannel pajama set.


    A hot water bottle or wearing socks, mittens or even a nightcap will help. Advertisement Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.


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    More importantly, sleeping naked with the person you can be intimate with is physiologically healthy too. Celi said the study showed that over time sleeping in a cold bedroom could lessen the risk of diabetes.


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